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What is a Maagalot circle?

A Maagalot Circle is a close-knit micro-community typically comprising 5-10 women who commit to gathering regularly. They meet at a set interval, whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, around a shared practice, learning topic, or activity they’d like to cultivate and explore together. For example, a circle may convene to study a text, learn a language, perform acts of chesed, engage in artistic endeavors, recite or study Tehillim, sing, meditate, participate in sports, or enjoy gardening. The specific activities are determined by the interests of the group, which may vary and evolve over time. 

Regardless of the chosen activity, the essence of the gathering lies in creating a space where members feel seen, heard, and appreciated within a non-judgmental, safe, and comfortable frum-friendly atmosphere that upholds religious Jewish values. Circles are held together by voluntary Circle Facilitators.

Circle members are mentally and emotionally healthy women who understand that their well-being is their own responsibility. The circle format is designed to foster equal participation among members, avoiding a hierarchical "sage on the stage" dynamic. Women who volunteer to facilitate a circle receive training and ongoing support to ensure the success and continuity of their circles.

How do Maagalot Circles work?

Participating in a Maagalot Circle offers numerous benefits and can be valuable at any stage of life or in any life situation. For single women living in Israel, being part of a well-functioning circle provides support, enjoyment, and a framework aligned with religious values, fostering personal growth and self-expression.

Human beings have fundamental needs for connection, understanding, and belonging. While ideally, these needs would be met within our families or immediate social circles, life often necessitates seeking out additional avenues for meaningful social interaction and support. Maagalot Circles provide precisely this—a place to connect authentically, exchange wisdom and experiences, and feel anchored within a supportive community.

 What fundamental needs do Maagalot Circles address?

One of our most basic human needs is to be heard, understood, and valued. Maagalot Circles fulfill this need by providing a space where members can share and be appreciated as whole individuals. 

While professional support services like therapy or counseling play important roles, they may not always be readily accessible or able to provide the ongoing social support and sense of belonging that a community like Maagalot offers.

In essence, Maagalot Circles offer a platform for networking and meaningful connection, bringing individuals into the heart of the Jewish community.

What a Maagalot Circle Is not:

  • A therapy support circle

  • Someone else's responsibility to plan entertainment or provide a good time

  • A dumping ground for life problems and grievances

  • A political platform or set ideological agenda

To join a circle or train to become a circle facilitator contact Shira Horowitz at:

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