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Mini-Shabbaton in Bet Horon

January 19-20 2024

On our arrival on Friday afternoon we were treated to a relaxing painting session on the balcony of our scenic bungalows overlooking the surrounding pastoral mountains.

We spent Shabbos in the cozy wooden bungalows with the Ashkenazy and Goldstein Families - beautiful singing, divrei torah and a warm family atmosphere. 

The meals as always were delicious and served graciously by Yoni & Yafi.

Being a "mini-Shabbaton" - with only 15 women allowed for deep conversation and connection.

Shabbos afternoon we enjoyed an enlightening and informative tour of Bet Horon with Rabbi Moshe Goldstein.

A wonderful weekend that flew by fast but left us with inspiration and a taste for more.

Pre-Chanuka Party

December 5 2023

At the beautiful NBN venue, we enjoyed meeting many of our Maagalot friends with a deliciously catered meal of savory doughnut sandwiches and latkes, warm atmosphere and a fun and inspirational activity of painting our own beautiful tambourines in preparation for the Geula.

Shabbaton in Yavniel

March 17-18 2023

Early Friday morning saw us heading north to picturesque Yavniel.

A lavish picnic was arranged for us in the Yokneam Forest where we enjoyed a lovely nature walk amid beautiful spring blooms and grazing cows. 

On our arrival in Yavniel - we were treated to a delightful weaving workshop where we created our very own Maagalot Challa cover!

We arrived in the spacious Nofesh Boutique accommodations just in time for a quick pre-Shabbos swim. We enjoyed an uplifting women's only Kabbalas Shabbos on the lawn followed by a delicious meal, songs and amazing divrei torah by our talented women. Friday night and Shabbos morning were filled with meaningful and connective activities. 

The grand finale of "singin' (and dancin') in the rain" on board the Lido on a boat ride on the Kinneret on motzaei Shabbos left us eager for the next Shabbaton...

Previous Events

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